Since 1888 the vision of the Dungog Chronicle has not changed – it was created to report local news fairly and without fear or favour. The newspaper has a proud history of being a vital part of our local community, a history of involvement that will continue.

Dungog Chronicle is a community newspaper which reflects the community that it serves. It plays an important role in delivering the news of the day and providing a forum for the community to discuss what is important to them.

Throughout history the Dungog Chronicle has also played a vital part in keeping the community up to date on matters that are just as important as the big headline stories, on the people of our community and their achievements, their milestones and the big moments in their life. From new babies, to the first day at school, graduations, weddings and the passing of members of our community and many other events in between, the Chronicle has been the major source of providing this information.

This proud tradition of being the voice of the community will continue and the Dungog Chronicle will remain as a vibrant local newspaper, both in print and online, that continues to grow and change along with the community it serves.

The Dungog district is located on the rich alluvial flats of the Williams and the Paterson Rivers, two of the clean mountain streams emanating from the southern falls of the Barringtons. It is gateway to The Barrington Tops which boasts a vast untamed area of State Forests, National Parks and Wilderness.




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Dungog, Bendolba, Booral, Brookfield, Clarence Town, Gresford, Gresford/East , Martins Creek, Paterson, Seaham, Stroud, Stroud Road, Vacy, Wallarobba, Wiragula