Eyre Peninsula Tribune covers the rural heart of Eyre Peninsula, including the major towns of Cleve, Kimba, Lock, Arno Bay, Cowell and Pt Neill. It is the oldest continually published newspaper on Eyre Peninsula, and has provided the best source of detailed local news and information since 1911. It reports on everything from vital issues that affect the local community and detailed information pieces, to community news and light-hearted humour. The Tribune also prides itself on its detailed sports coverage from the wide range of events happening within the area each week.

While traditionally the area is known for its farming industry, the region is fast becoming known as a premium site for the aquaculture industry, specifically pacific oysters and farmed finfish. The coastal regions are also proving to be a popular holiday destination and retirement spot for Baby Boomers.

Eyre Peninsula is a major producer of wheat, barley, canola and oats as well as prime lambs, wool and cattle.




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Cleve, Arno Bay, Butler, Cowell, Darke Peak, Elbow Hill, Kimba, Koppoio, Lock, Midgee, Port Neil, Rudall, Tumby Bay, Ungarra, Verrar, Wharminda, Yallunda Flat