The West Coast Sentinel has built its profile through its close affiliation with its community and its reporting of news items to small and large areas. Household penetration extremely, reflecting widespread community acceptance.

Located on the Eyre Highway – the only traffic route from east to west – Ceduna is classified as a semi-regional centre with a port facility catering for grain, gypsum and salt export.

Ceduna has maintained a stable commercial sector supported by the surrounding wheat and sheep farming.

The area has a growing tourism industry and is the major departure point for the Great Australian Bight Marine Park and the whales that pass by there. The area’s spectacular coastline and beaches are a major drawcard.

Over the past decade, Ceduna has developed an oyster growing industry at Smoky Bay and Denial Bay. Mining is a predicted growth industry with Ceduna providing a base for the Gawler Craton.

There is also a strong presence of the communication industry and the newspaper reaches about 45% of the state’s grain farmers, as well as the area’s sizeable Aboriginal population.




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