Ararat is in the heart of Western Victoria, 200 kms west of Melbourne on the Western Highway. In the middle of Australia's most productive wool growing area, Ararat has a population of about 8000 and is the main centre of the Rural City of Ararat. Ararat is ideally located for transport needs, with major road access to all parts of Western Victoria and being on the Melbourne to Adelaide line, and with direct rail access to the Port of Portland. Complementing a strong primary production sector, Ararat has a varied industrial base with export abattoir, agriculture machinery and motor vehicle manufacturing operations, electrical harness manufacturing and weaving plant.


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EGN: T84 format
Classifieds: 38cm x 8columns


Primary circulation includes Ararat, Beaufort, Elmhurst, Great Western, Horsham, Lake Bolac, Streatham, Tatyoon and Willaura