The Pyrenees Advocate masthead was created to reflect the wonderful and diverse towns in the wonderful Pyrenees. With offices in both Avoca and Beaufort, the Pyrenees Advocate is able to provide a full coverage of news and advertising throughout the whole Shire. Beaufort, an easy two hour drive from Melbourne, is situated in fine wool growing country and offers tourist attractions including the Lake Goldsmith Steam Rally and Mt Cole State Forest. Avoca is an historic gold mining town which has become a popular wine growing district producing nationally and internationally awarded wines. Avoca is also the home of the Avoca Bulldogs Ð sponsored by the Pyrenees Advocate!!




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Covers all of Pyrenees Shire, which is a large predominantly rural Shire nestled between Maryborough, Ararat and Ballarat. Towns within the Shire include Avoca, Beaufort, Waubra, Moonambel, Lexton, Snake Valley, Landsborough, Raglan, Redbank, Amphitheatre, Evansford, Redbank, Skipton (part), Elmhurst (part).