Brimbank & North West Star Weekly is your No. 1 source of news, information and advertising. Star Weekly newspapers are highly respected within the local community and are renowned for their extensive real estate and motoring sections.

The paper is the preferred advertising medium for local businesses wanting to reach their target audience in a cost-effective manner.

Regular sections in Star Weekly publications include:

Community Calendar: Find out what is happening in your community calendar - your primary source for events, festivals, clubs and community information.

Domain: This section goes to the heart of the local real estate market, providing property news, information and latest listings. It’s just what you’re looking for.

Motor: This section showcases new and used vehicles, supported by reliable and comprehensive information on all things motoring.

Classifieds: The best place to find all trades and services and the premium location for local employment advertising and information.

Sport: We are in touch with sporting clubs throughout the area, providing comprehensive coverage of sports events, results and profiles of our local stars.



Circulation: 58,729
Readership: 88,094 (Publisher's estimate)



Full Page: 377mm x 261mm
Half Page: 187mm x 261mm
Quarter Page: 92mm x 261mm

More sizes are available.

Classifieds: 38cm x 8columns

Classified Rates

Casual $11.58 per col centimetre
Spot Colour 10%
Full Colour 20%

Classified Specifications
Dimensions 1 col 2 cols 3 cols 4 cols 5 cols 6 cols 7 cols 8 cols
Column Widths 30.5 mm 63.5 mm 96.5 mm 129.5mm 162.5 mm 195.5 mm n/a 261.5 mm

7 cols advertising not available.


Ardeer, Braybrook, Burnside, Cairnlea, Caroline Springs, Deer Park, Delahey, Derrimut, Kealba, Keilor, Keilor Downs, Kings Park, St Albans, Sunshine, Sydenham, Taylors Hill, Taylors Lakes.